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About Us

Nicholas S. Katko, CPA
Deanna B. Katko, CPA
Our clients
Our approach
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Benefits of using SFS

Nicholas S. Katko, CPA

Nick has over 10 years of senior financial management experience in companies with sales from $25 million to $300 million. As a chief financial officer, Nick has led companies through the business strategy process, business process improvement, strategic financial management and change management. Nick has extensive experience in business negotiations, banking relationships, financial modeling, budgeting and performance measurement. Nick's business management philosophy is embedded in the continuous improvement principles of "Lean Thinking" and the belief that today's businesses must compete on time and speed.

Deanna B. Katko, CPA

Deanna has over 17 years of experience in the preparation of income and payroll tax returns, tax research and the implementation of accounting software. Deanna's public accounting experience includes work in the Lexington offices of PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP, Moore Stephens & Potter, LLP, and Darling & Reynolds, PSC. Deanna has experience in developing comprehensive tax strategies for individuals, corporations and partnerships. Deanna believes the key to a successful tax strategy is the tax preparer developing a continuous relationship with the taxpayer, rather than meeting once a year.

Our clients

Start-ups and entrepreneurs who are in need of a seasoned financial executive but may have limited resources
Growing businesses where financial and operational needs have exceeded the abilities of existing management
Established businesses looking for additional growth opportunities and direction

Our approach

Team-oriented – working directly with your management team
Proactive leadership – leading companies to practical solutions
Flexibility – providing customized services to meet your business needs
Process-focused – creating the plan and the process to achieve your goals

Our experience

In Business Strategy
In Accounting Management
In Operational Planning
In Continuous Improvement

Benefits of using SFS

Implementation of solutions, rather than simply recommendations
Consistent, reliable involvement in all facets of your business
The ability to customize financial services to best meet your business needs
The opportunity to acquire an experienced and successful senior level financial manager
Provides companies access to experience currently outside the skill set of current employees
Less time-consuming, risky & expensive than traditional hiring
Objectivity – unfiltered source of sound, factual advice
Performance-based attitude

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